Jets Dominate at MetLife

The Jets got football Sunday off to a kicking start. It was an offensive massacre that left the Raiders in disbelief. Sam Darnold had scored consecutively on his last four opening drives and his fifth opening TD was just yards away. An offensive pass interference penalty was called due to the automatic review of scoring... Continue Reading →

Texans Shut Down Mahomes

Tyreek Hill, who’s been out since week 1, made his reappearance noteworthy, scoring a TD for the Chiefs on their opening drive. Still, the Chiefs offense would struggle converting plays into points. The surprise star - Houston Texans QB, Deshaun Watson. He emerged this football Sunday with 280 passing yards, 1 passing TD, 2 rushing... Continue Reading →

Fantasy Football Week 2

Sunday’s games including Patriots @ Dolphins, Cardinals @ Ravens and Cowboys @ Redskins were all “in the bag” wins in my book. After week 1’s display of athleticism by Brady, Prescott and Jackson, there was no way they would be beat offensively unless otherwise challenged. Masterblog’s fantasy football team is as follows: QB Dak Prescott... Continue Reading →

Will Dallas Amend Daks Deal After Show Out?

Sunday football is just heating up around the 4 o’clock hour. The New York Giants faced the Cowboys at AT&T stadium in Arlington, and it was a spectacle. The first few plays between the rivals were a back and forth effort with one touch down a piece in the first quarter. Saquon Barkley, 22 out... Continue Reading →

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