OBJ Returns to Metlife

Monday September 16, 2019 Monday night football was a tale of two 0-1 teams. Neither the Jets or Browns were able to clinch a win in week 1, and this would be the difference. The first quarter was not action packed. The real story is OBJ’s return to MetLife and his reception of fans who... Continue Reading →

Raiders Ride on Denver

Raiders stun Denver and the nation with calculated win in the final game of week 1. The young team worked well together in their debut with rookies spread into the mix. QB Derek Carr was superior with 259 passing yards, 1 touchdown and 0 sacks. Among the rookies was running back Josh Jacobs, 1st round... Continue Reading →

Wil Lutz Worth it – Saints Place Kicker Wins Game with 58 Footer

The first Monday night football game consisted of the New Orleans Saints and the Houston Texans. It’s been almost a decade since QB Drew Brees won a Super Bowl ring and it showed early in the game tonight. With only 3 points in the first half, the Saints struggled to make offensive gains. Entering the... Continue Reading →

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