The Replacements

Mark LoMoglio - Associated Press If you read, "The Year of the Injured QB" or have been caught up with the NFL in the slightest, you would know this years starting quarter backs have been sent to the bench. Normally, this would have been a photo of #10 Eli Manning, but he has passed the... Continue Reading →

The Year of the Injured QB

Carolina Panthers' Cam Newton, is merely one casualty of the NFL's 2019 season. Going into week 3, 10 of 32 teams have injured starting or back up quarterbacks. 2019 will be remembered as, "The Year of the Injured QB." Also known as, the year of the replaced QB. NEW ORLEANS SAINTS Drew Brees is a... Continue Reading →

Fantasy Football Week 2

Sunday’s games including Patriots @ Dolphins, Cardinals @ Ravens and Cowboys @ Redskins were all “in the bag” wins in my book. After week 1’s display of athleticism by Brady, Prescott and Jackson, there was no way they would be beat offensively unless otherwise challenged. Masterblog’s fantasy football team is as follows: QB Dak Prescott... Continue Reading →

Wil Lutz Worth it – Saints Place Kicker Wins Game with 58 Footer

The first Monday night football game consisted of the New Orleans Saints and the Houston Texans. It’s been almost a decade since QB Drew Brees won a Super Bowl ring and it showed early in the game tonight. With only 3 points in the first half, the Saints struggled to make offensive gains. Entering the... Continue Reading →

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