Mercedes Dominate Japan Grand Prix

At the Suzuka Circuit in Japan, fans were reminded of the early start of the 2019 season. Mercedes. Mercedes. Mercedes. It’s silver and teal all the way at the top. Just like previous race start drama, the Grand Prix in Japan was not any different. Sitting pole - Sebastian Vettel. His team mate Charles Lecrec... Continue Reading →

Lamb Leads Victory Over Longhorns

The Longhorns would host an undefeated Oklahoma University Saturday afternoon for a Red River Show Down. They say offense sells tickets and defense wins game, but Texas came up short today. Jalen Hurts, transfer out of Alabama and QB for the Sooners, had 3 passings TD’s and 1 rushing TD. Regarding his overall yards, the... Continue Reading →

Sanchez Steals NLCS Game 1 on the Road

After coming off a 13-1 win over the Braves in the Division Series, the St. Louis Cardinals had difficulty taking on the Nationals pitching staff. Albin Sanchez would lead his team to victory, pitching a near no-hitter until the bottom of the 8th inning. He was golden in St. Louis and his predecessor Sean Dootlittle... Continue Reading →

Rays Force Game 5

Tampa Bay was a Wild Card team coming into the 2019 post season. Not only did they defeat the Oakland A's, but have shown multiple facets in the ALDS against the Astro's. The Ray's challenged the favorites in many ways like exquisite pitching and even better defensive plays. In the bottom of the first, Tommy... Continue Reading →

Nats Steal NL Wild Card

It was an emotional start to the postseason in D.C. last night. The nations capital would undergo trauma early in the first inning of the National Leauge Wild Card game against the Milwaukee Brewers. Winner takes all, and advances to play the Los Angeles Dodgers later this week. Here’s how it went down... The Nationals... Continue Reading →

Ferrari Misfortune = Mercedes Dream

The Grand Prix in Sochi was more eventful than expected, and not due to collisions. The Ferrari team controversy in Singapore from last week continued in Russia on race day. Charles Lecrec and Sebastian Vettel shared difficulty racing for team points due to their desire to take first place over the other man, no matter... Continue Reading →

UNC Football Play Calling Goes Wrong

It was obvious from the start, Clemson’s QB was under pressure and their normal level of cohesion was unbalanced. Unlike the defending champions natural behavior, they had multiple false start penalties along with a fumble against an unranked team.  Clemson is a team now 5-0, who had their biggest defeat over an unranked Charlotte team... Continue Reading →

F1 Sochi Practice Take Aways

Formula 1 practice is an opportunity for drivers to feel out the track and create strategies with their team. Some drivers are more than experienced here at the Sochi Circuit in Russia, but that doesn't mean their equipment has not improved with time along with their mentality. Since Ferrari is on a 3 race win-streak,... Continue Reading →

One Month Away – World Series Countdown

@astros Twitter Page Believe it or not, the World Series is 28 days away! But before that champagne is popped, its the best of 30 teams. In the AL East, the New York Yankees have clinched the division (102-55) with just 5 more away games. On the other side of the country, the Houston Astros... Continue Reading →

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