Tiger Bowl LSU 8-0

The Auburn Tigers faced off in LSU's home field of Baton Rouge for the 2019 Tiger Bowl. After an uneventful first quarter, the officials would take a more prominent stance in reviewing close calls. Auburn might have gotten on the board first with a FG, but in the second quarter QB Joe Burrow (senior) would... Continue Reading →

Lamb Leads Victory Over Longhorns

The Longhorns would host an undefeated Oklahoma University Saturday afternoon for a Red River Show Down. They say offense sells tickets and defense wins game, but Texas came up short today. Jalen Hurts, transfer out of Alabama and QB for the Sooners, had 3 passings TD’s and 1 rushing TD. Regarding his overall yards, the... Continue Reading →

UNC Football Play Calling Goes Wrong

It was obvious from the start, Clemson’s QB was under pressure and their normal level of cohesion was unbalanced. Unlike the defending champions natural behavior, they had multiple false start penalties along with a fumble against an unranked team.  Clemson is a team now 5-0, who had their biggest defeat over an unranked Charlotte team... Continue Reading →

Maryland Falls Short After Multiple Opportunities

And so began the upsets. #21 in the NCAA’s top 25 fell short to unranked Temple this Saturday. The fourth quarter was jam packed with action as Temple was able to retake the lead by 4 with Yeboah scoring with 7 minutes left on the clock. But this was only the start of what would... Continue Reading →

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