Verstappen Controls Brazilian GP

The 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix is one to remember! The race was phenomenal from start to finish and then some. Red Bull Racings’ Max Verstappen started from pole position and was under fire by top runners like Mercedes and Ferrari (the usual suspects). In a 71 lap race, averaging about 1:10 a lap, traffic builds... Continue Reading →

Hamilton Strikes Again

Before the start commened in Mexico, the FIA had penalized the original pole sitter Maxx Vertsappen after failing to slow down for yellow flags in qualifying. Verstappen was downgraded from pole to 4th starting position which pushed Charles Lecrec up to pole. Turn one has been the decision maker in years previous and on that... Continue Reading →

Mercedes Dominate Japan Grand Prix

At the Suzuka Circuit in Japan, fans were reminded of the early start of the 2019 season. Mercedes. Mercedes. Mercedes. It’s silver and teal all the way at the top. Just like previous race start drama, the Grand Prix in Japan was not any different. Sitting pole - Sebastian Vettel. His team mate Charles Lecrec... Continue Reading →

Ferrari Misfortune = Mercedes Dream

The Grand Prix in Sochi was more eventful than expected, and not due to collisions. The Ferrari team controversy in Singapore from last week continued in Russia on race day. Charles Lecrec and Sebastian Vettel shared difficulty racing for team points due to their desire to take first place over the other man, no matter... Continue Reading →

F1 Sochi Practice Take Aways

Formula 1 practice is an opportunity for drivers to feel out the track and create strategies with their team. Some drivers are more than experienced here at the Sochi Circuit in Russia, but that doesn't mean their equipment has not improved with time along with their mentality. Since Ferrari is on a 3 race win-streak,... Continue Reading →

Pit Stops & Patience – Vettel Takes Fifth Win in Singapore

Ferrari has had success in its last few Grand Prix’s, but not all of them from the same source. At the Grand Prix in Singapore, a new driver on the second place team took first place for the full 25 points in the drivers championship. The Marina Bay Street Circuit was an unorthodox race because... Continue Reading →

Back to Back Wins for Leclerc

Charles Leclerc wins his second Grand Prix ever at Ferrari's home race at Monza. This comes just one week after his first career win at Spa in Belgian. Leclerc, 21, is the third youngest driver in Formula 1 history to ever take 1st place, and he was able to do so at consecutive races. From... Continue Reading →

Verstappen Does Not Finish – First Time in 23 Races

Normally Max Verstappen is an underdog worth betting on, but in Sunday's race at Belgian, he was caught in the crossfire. Whether he was the cause of his own downfall or not is up to speculation, but the 21 year old driver has been in the top five finishers since the 2019 season began. With... Continue Reading →

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