Jets Dominate at MetLife

The Jets got football Sunday off to a kicking start. It was an offensive massacre that left the Raiders in disbelief. Sam Darnold had scored consecutively on his last four opening drives and his fifth opening TD was just yards away. An offensive pass interference penalty was called due to the automatic review of scoring plays in the NFL.

This TD turned FG did not act as a barrier for the Jets but merely as motivation. They took the lead 13-3 at halftime after the Raiders could not convert on multiple 3rd down attempts and offensive play-makers dropped key passes. Derek Carr was on target but the rain and wind combination in New York made for uneasy terrain.

Once the 3rd quarter began, the damage only got worse. The Jets went on to score 21 points in the quarter alone. Raiders secondary QB Mike Glennon would substitute in for Carr and make things no better. He fumbled the ball 3 times due to his difficulty in receiving the ball after the snap.

LeVeon Bell had a big game after struggling this season with 12 carries for 49 yards and 5 receptions for 59 yards. Sam Darnold passed for 315 yards, had two TD’s and 1 rushing TD.

Derek Carr threw for 127 yards with 1 INT. The rookie Jacobs was unable to execute his average number with only 10 carries for 34 yards.

The Raiders are now 6-5 and face none other than their division rivals, the Kansas City Cheifs, next Sunday December 1,2019. Their fight for the wild card spot continues while the Jets advancing to 4-7 makes no difference.

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