Verstappen Controls Brazilian GP

The 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix is one to remember! The race was phenomenal from start to finish and then some.

Red Bull Racings’ Max Verstappen started from pole position and was under fire by top runners like Mercedes and Ferrari (the usual suspects).

In a 71 lap race, averaging about 1:10 a lap, traffic builds up quickly. Sitting alongside Max in the front row was Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel, who would later suffer his own race struggles.

Five red lights go out and Verstappen has a great start to control the race making turns at 180 mph and gaining fastest lap immediately.

He was burning through his tires and second place runner Lewis Hamilton realized quickly that Max was giving it everything from the start.

Once Verstappen came into the pits for the first time he was welcomed by Russel driver Kubica, who was running dead last. This unsafe release from the pit lane caused Verstappen to slam on his breaks and ultimately the FIA penalized Kubica with a 5 second penalty.

The drama was within the front 6 drivers who overtook and got overtaken again and again.

In lap 52, Valterri Bottas’ gear box started smoking which caused the first disqualification of the race and so began the safety car saga.

A full safety car was released and Verstappen took the cheap pit stop to upgrade to brand new soft tires. Once the cars cleared up he was able to regain first place.

Ferrari, Ferrari, Ferrari. The broken record of the two Ferrari teammates was not improved today. Instead of giving each other proper room, Vettel and Lecrec raced one another harder than any other team.

This hard racing led to a collision between the two, and both DNF in Brazil due to careless teammate rivalry.

The second safety car was released nearing the last few laps of the race. Hamilton was called into the garage for a cheap tire change, mimicking that of Verstappen in laps earlier. For a moment it seemed like a bad choice from Mercedes as the safety car was still out with only two laps left.

With one lap to go, the safety car came in and Hamilton and Red Bull Racings’ Alex Albon got into another collision. Hamilton was able to recover, but Albon missed his chance at the podium.

Verstappen finished first clear of any other drivers and for former teammate Pierre Gasly, now racing for Torro Rosso, finished 2nd overall. This was Gasly’s first podium finish of his career. Hamilton finished third and is currently under investigation by the FIA.

The last time two Honda’s finished 1-2 was almost 30 years ago in 1991.

The final race of the year will take place in two weeks at the Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi on December 1, 70th 2019!

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