Brutal Victory By Portland

The Trailblazers got off to a good start against the Hawks after losing multiple games at home, and last night Portland changed things.

The game was ugly, in the first quarter it looked like Portland had the advantage as Trae Young could not hit a bucket from anywhere.

Young started heating up more and more quarter after quarter. He nearly had a triple double with 35 pts, 8 rbs, and 10 asts. This 21 year old in his second year has crafty handles, great ability to draw fouls and an effortless touch off the ball.

At the end of the 3rd quarter, both Portland and Atlanta were steady at 75 a piece. This was the first inclination for viewers that we might go to overtime, and we did.

Once OT kicked in, so did fatigue for Atlanta. They would only go on to score 6 more points in an additional five minutes.

McCollum and Lillard combined for 53 points, 15 rebounds and 10 assists. Although Atlanta came up short, their defensive grittiness is a sign that they are possible playoff contenders in the East.

The Hawks will face a more serious assignment on Tuesday November 12th, when they head over to Denver to play Jokic and the Nuggets.

For Portland, they will head to Sacramento and take on the Kings Tuesday night.

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