Week 6 Fantasy Numbers

Week 6 in the NFL was not a week of great match ups – but a week of blow outs and close ones. Out of 14 games, 5 games were separated by 4 or less points, and 4 games were separated by 10 or more.

In situations like these when the Patriots aren’t heading to Kansas City, or the 49er’s aren’t facing off in Seattle – it’s a good idea to balance out ratings from the NFL Fantasy League. At least watch talented players increase their stats.

6 weeks in and a lot can be said of the players who you thought would be at the top vs. the ones who actually are. Starting at the Quarter Back position:

  • Russel Wilson 155.26 (Seahawks)
  • Lamar Jackson 152.28 (Ravens)
  • Deshaun Watson 152.16 (Texans)
  • Patrick Mahomes 142.16 (Chiefs)

Look for the Seahawks / Ravens match-up in Week 7 – Sunday 10/20/19 at 4:25PM. At the Running Back position:

  • Christian McCaffrey 181.30 !!! (Panthers)
  • Dalvin Cook 136.60 (Vikings)
  • Austin Ekeler 135.10 (Chargers)
  • Nick Chubb 127.50 (Browns)

The Panthers and Browns both have Bye weeks in Week 7 – But the Panthers will head to San Francisco (currently undefeated) in Week 8. Surprising Wide Receivers list:

  • Chris Goodwin 145.20 (Buccaneers)
  • Michael Thomas 134.20 (Saints)
  • Cooper Kupp 121.60 (Rams)
  • Amari Cooper 114.50 (Cowboys)

Tampa Bay also has a Bye Week next time around, and both Dallas and the LA Rams are 3-3 going into Week 7.

Accounting for the positions listed above, in addition to Tight Ends, Kickers and Defense – only 4 teams have multiple players in each category within the top 4. Among those are Baltimore Ravens (QB, TE, K, Def), Kansas City Chiefs (QB, TE), LA Rams (WR, K) and the Carolina Panthers (RB, K, Def).

Most intriguing part of the breakdown; the only 2 undefeated teams going into week 7 are not within the top 4 of any other category besides defense. The Patriots lead NFL Fantasy points on defense with 123.00 points and the 49ers’ are tied for second with 70.00 points.

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