Battle in The Bronx

Before Yankees fans could successfully get through their traditional roll-call, Houston second basemen Jose Altuve homered a ball into centerfield.

The top of the 2nd would be reminiscent of the 1st as Yankees pitcher Luis Severino allowed another home run early by Josh Reddick.

Starting pitcher for the Astros Gerrit Cole made hitting and scoring nearly impossible for the Bronx Bombers. He pitched for 7 innings, had 7 K’s for 112 overall pitches. Cole kept the Yankees down to just 5 overall hits for the game.

The Yankees pitchers have been under fire with 13 available pitchers on the ALCS roster and the number of those men used for every game. In Game 3, 6 pitchers were interchanged in an effort by Aaron Boone to keep the numbers down.

One reason Yankees die-hards will continue watching the ALCS: Gleyber Torres. Just 22 years old, Torres has a .417 batting average in the post season. He had a home run tonight in Game 3 and 2 others since the Division Series. In addition to 3 HR’s, he had 10 RBI’s in 6 games.

Final score: 4-1 Houston. The Astros now lead the ALCS 2-1. Game 4 is scheduled in New York on Thursday, but the game may be postponed due to inclement weather.

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