Mercedes Dominate Japan Grand Prix

At the Suzuka Circuit in Japan, fans were reminded of the early start of the 2019 season. Mercedes. Mercedes. Mercedes. It’s silver and teal all the way at the top.

Just like previous race start drama, the Grand Prix in Japan was not any different. Sitting pole – Sebastian Vettel. His team mate Charles Lecrec joined him on the front row. The next row, Mercedes. And the third row, Red Bull Racing.

The last light blinked red and it was race time. Both Ferrari’s had a poor start and Valterri Bottas took advantage of their error.

The collateral damage at turn 1 – Max Verstappen of Red Bull Racing. He took damage from a very eager Charles Lecrec. Max spun out and rejoined the race. Lecrec’s damage was more apparent, as his front wing was torn up and spitting debris while he continued for another four laps after initial contact.

Within twenty laps, Max Verstappen retired from the race while Charles Lecrec carved his way from last position to finish 6th.

The Suzuka Circuit was virtually clean other than Ferrari and Red Bull’s initial collision.

Unfortunately for Ferrari, a 2nd and 6th place finish would not be enough to push their drivers into championship contending position.

With another four races left on the calendar, Mercedes claimed Constructors Championship and Drivers Championship early in the season. And that is without mentioning that this is the 6th consecutive year Mercedes has been able to do so.

There is no point in stating Drivers points at this point in the year because Mercedes has already claimed the first spot. Now whether it be Valterri Bottas or Lewis Hamilton who’s claims number 1, that is still up for debate.

Final 4 Races:

  • Mexican Grand Prix 10/27/19
  • United States Grand Prix 11/3/19
  • Brazilian Grand Prix 11/17/19
  • Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 12/1/19

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