Lamb Leads Victory Over Longhorns

The Longhorns would host an undefeated Oklahoma University Saturday afternoon for a Red River Show Down.

They say offense sells tickets and defense wins game, but Texas came up short today. Jalen Hurts, transfer out of Alabama and QB for the Sooners, had 3 passings TD’s and 1 rushing TD.

Regarding his overall yards, the numbers are ridiculous! He passed for 235 yards and rushed for 131 yards. The QB rushed for 131 yards, more yards than Texas’s lead rusher at 96 yards!

Jalen hurts resembled Lamar Jackson’s style of play with athletic movement out of the pocket and rushing for first downs under pressure.

The Sooners put another offensive weapon to use, CeeDee Lamb. This 6’2” 191 lb junior was fluid in every situation and ran 171 yards with 3 TD’s. Without his ease into the end zone, the Sooners may have had a closer result end game time.

The final: 34-27 Oklahoma (6-0)

Oklahoma will take on an unranked West Virginia in Week 8, Saturday October 19, 2019 at 12 PM on FOX.

Texas (4-2) hosts Kansas in Week 8, Saturday October 19, at 7 PM on LHN.

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