Ferrari Misfortune = Mercedes Dream

The Grand Prix in Sochi was more eventful than expected, and not due to collisions. The Ferrari team controversy in Singapore from last week continued in Russia on race day. Charles Lecrec and Sebastian Vettel shared difficulty racing for team points due to their desire to take first place over the other man, no matter the team cost.

Five lights go out and Vettel gets out in front too. The pole sitter and Ferrari teammate Charles Lecrec, created a slip stream for Vettel as part of their “plan A strategy.” Early in the race, Ferrari constructors had to remind Vettel multiple times of the plan, which would allow his team mate through. Vettel ignored the calls by his team and remained the race leader through 28 laps until he came into the pits for a tire change. Once released, he experienced mechanical troubles and was disqualified from the race, unable to finish.

This back and forth miscommunication between Vettel and his team and Ferrari and Lecrec, created and opportunity for Mercedes to take the lead. Both Hamilton and Bottas started on medium tires which have better lap life than the soft tires, in an effort to give them more time on the track should a safety car appear. This strategy paid off when Vettel retired and left his car on the track. This delay caused a virtual safety car, which slowed down drivers and allowed Hamilton to come into the pits for a free stop.

All in all, only 15 cars would finish at the Sochi circuit. Among those who didn’t finish were: Vettel (Ferrari), Riccardo (Renault), Grosjean (Hass) and the Williams team as a whole.

Race Finishes:

  • 1. Hamilton
  • 2. Bottas
  • 3. Lecrec
  • 4. Verstappen
  • 5. Albon
  • 6. Sainz

Drivers Chanpionship

  • Hamilton 322 points
  • Bottas 249 points
  • Lecrec 215 points
  • Verstappen 212 points
  • Vettel 194 points

The Japan Grand Prix is just a fortnight away. On October 13, 2019, the world will experience the race of five. There are five races left on the calendar and five drivers competing for a top 3 finish in the Drivers Championship. If Ferrari continues a streak of miscommunication, they may find themselves finishing fourth. Max Verstappen is a deadly driver who is looking for a third place finish overall.

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