The Replacements

Mark LoMoglio – Associated Press

If you read, “The Year of the Injured QB” or have been caught up with the NFL in the slightest, you would know this years starting quarter backs have been sent to the bench. Normally, this would have been a photo of #10 Eli Manning, but he has passed the torch down eloquently to the youth.

Daniel Jones is a name you will here a lot more of, especially in the tri-state area. And for good reason… a 15+ point comeback over the Buccaneer’s and the Giants first win of the season. You can say Jones is Eli Mannings’ mini me. Both players are 6’5″ and about 220 lbs, but the difference between them is 16 years. The coaches quarter back has become a mentor in Jones’ transition to starter sharing the wealth of knowledge.

Manning 38, threw for 250 yards with 2 interceptions in his last appearance at the Buffalo Bills in week 1. The G-Men seemed hopeless until the switch was officially made after week 2. Jones 22, threw for 336 yards, with 28 rushing yards; he had 2 passing touch downs and 2 rushing. These numbers are truly phenomenal for a rookie with big shoes to fill.

In the NFC South, there were similar improvements made for the Carolina Panthers due to a replaced QB. Now, Cam has been ruled out for the second consecutive week because of a foot injury but is expected to return this season… In his place, secondary quarter back Kyle Allen was able to get the Panthers their first W.

While Cam had 239 yards, 0 TD’s and 1 INT against the Rams; Allen threw for 261 yards with 4 TD’s in the Panthers first victory over the Cardinals. The situations are different here. Cam is rehabilitating for his return and currently has no plans of being permanently replaced. Still, it will be interesting to watch Allen’s week 4 performance against the Texans (2-1).

The New Orleans Saints on the other hand, have a better time frame for when their starting QB will return in the 2019 season. Drew Brees (thumb injury) is expected to return more or less between weeks 7-9. Thus his temporary replacement, Teddy Bridgewater has several weeks to showcase his talent.

New Orleans defeated the Seattle Seahawks with a back up QB which definitely speaks volumes on Bridgewater’s capabilities. If he is able to maintain this consistency while in the spotlight against the Cowboys, he should be able to maintain a winning record until Brees returns.

Each replacement quarter back was able to beat the odds and their opponent. After their first starts in the 2019 NFL season, each player will need to remain focused to prove their overall worth in the league for their individual team and for other potential teams they may find themselves on in the future.

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