OBJ Returns to Metlife

Monday September 16, 2019

Monday night football was a tale of two 0-1 teams. Neither the Jets or Browns were able to clinch a win in week 1, and this would be the difference.

The first quarter was not action packed. The real story is OBJ’s return to MetLife and his reception of fans who are used to seeing him in a blue Jersey. Early during warmups, OBJ came to the home teams side for a prayer and was booed for a lengthy amount of time. This type of NY welcome is what fueled the wide receiver to come out with 161 yards overall.

Odell was able to break a record of his own with an 89 yard touchdown run. OBJ faced adversity before even touching down in MetLife because of his backlash towards former Browns defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. Odell stated Williams intentionally coached the Browns defensive line to injure him. The defensive coordinator denied the allegations and went on to say, “Odell who?”

It is now apparent who Odell Beckham JR is because of his show stopping performance in MetLife stadium Monday night.

The updates only got worse for the Jets with injuries on injuries. Starting quarter back Sam Arnold, had been ruled out due to Mononucleosis. In his place, second string quarter back for the Jets, Trevor Siemian would step up to the challenge and ultimately be ruled out for an ankle injury early against the Browns. This put third string quarter back Luke Falk up next. He showed promising plays, but the underplayed QB was unable to convert in any game changing plays for the boys in green.

The Browns would win 23-3 on Monday and maintain a 1-1 record. Although OBJ put up record numbers, the Browns will face all 2-0 teams during the next five weeks of play.

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