Fury Prevails with Cut Right Eye

Saturday nights’ fight on ESPN+ will definitely cause an increase in subscription after this show case between heavy weights. Both fighters entered this bout with near spotless records. Fury maintained a 28-0-1 (1 draw), while Wallin came in with a 20-0-1 (1 no contest) record.

Once the 5 minute mini concert was complete, round 1 started with large intensity as both fighters kept their guard and felt out their opponents strategy. Wallin showed a more aggressive style of attack which may have led to him winning that round on the judges score card. Fury fought with his right hand up protecting his face and actually foreshadowed what would come later in the fight.

In round 3 the blood would start to gush, and from an unexpected source; the champion. Southpaw boxer Wallin had the champ cornered and landed a big left punch to cut open Fury’s eyelid. By round 4, Wallin used this gash as a main target and continued throwing a variety of punches to further cause damage. Fury who had the reach advantage, held his opponent at bay using his left hand while trying to recuperate after the cut.

Ringside doctors watched the gash grow and monitored it since it first appeared. Longtime referee Tony Weeks did a phenomenal job of separating the two whenever they began to lock arms and show no action. The pivotal point came in round 6 when the doctors momentarily paused the fight to look deeper into Furys’ gash that was spouting blood all over the ring, his opponent and even the referee.

Under the doctors supervision, Fury told them, “I can see!” The medical staff allowed the fight to continue with the chance to rule it a technical knock out, and the heavyweights took and received more big blows.

Wallin’s opportunity to finish the fight slipped through his gloves, and at the end of the 6th round he pushed his glove into Fury’s gash after the bell rang. The dirty move resulted in the loss of a point for the underdog,

Furys’ corner, understanding the urgency and severity of the gashes (eyelid and eyebrow) used excessive amounts of vaseline to stop the blood from gushing to the point that the referee had to pause the fight and send Fury back to his corner to clear out some of the glaze.

In the championship rounds the battle of heavyweights proved to be a spectacle, as onlookers stood in their seats in disbelief. Wallin had only ever gone to round 10 and round 12 one time each, so his efforts to stay alive were commendable. Still the fight ended after the 12th round and be left to the judges’ decision. It was unanimous; Fury would keep his heavy weight title and remain the champion.

After the fight, Fury was interviewed and stated, “I couldn’t see out of my right eye for the majority of the fight.” This further proved that he had to lie to ringside doctors in order to continue which ultimately paid off for the champ. He also called out his last fight contender Deontay Wilder, “I want you next, bum.”

Furys’ fight with Wilder is the only scratch on his almost perfect record as it ended in a draw. Fury is expected to fight Wilder in a rematch in early 2020.

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