Raiders Ride on Denver

Raiders stun Denver and the nation with calculated win in the final game of week 1. The young team worked well together in their debut with rookies spread into the mix. QB Derek Carr was superior with 259 passing yards, 1 touchdown and 0 sacks.

Among the rookies was running back Josh Jacobs, 1st round pick out of Alabama who ran for 85 yards. 4th round pick, Maxx Crosby out of East Michigan, had three tackles in his debut. Hunter Renflow out of Clemson also had playing time with 2 receptions.

The offense was impeccable and tight end Darren Waller was a main focus on Monday. He had 7 receptions and 70 yards. Commentators mentioned this 6th round pick from 2015, would be a man to watch moving forward. He played wide receiver in college and is a multi-dimensional player Carr will target in weeks to come.

The Raiders led the game the first half, and Denver Broncos QB Joe Flacco took charge offensively to run it back. In one of his passing plays, a wide receiver from Denver was knocked out of bounds causing a same team collision between the raiders on the tackle. The casualty: Gareon Conley. He was carted off the field in a full stretcher with a severe head/ neck injury inflicted by his teammate Jonathan Abram. The Raiders safety had been penalized for helmet to helmet contact on the play.

With the loss of Antonio Brown, it was speculated the Raiders might have difficulty converting, but Monday nights game proved otherwise. In his place, Josh Jacobs stepped up and Head coach Jon Gruden acquired more men to attack offensively.

One man in particular, an HBO Hard Knocks favorite: Keelan Doss. Rookie wide receiver Doss was ineligible for game one after originally being cut from the team and picked up by Jacksonville. Doss returned to Oakland and is just one of the rookies to watch for the Raiders.

Oakland will face Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs next Sunday September 15, 2019 at 4:05 PM. Mahomes is questionable for next weeks game and this may be an opportunity for Oakland to start the season 2-0.

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