Wil Lutz Worth it – Saints Place Kicker Wins Game with 58 Footer

The first Monday night football game consisted of the New Orleans Saints and the Houston Texans. It’s been almost a decade since QB Drew Brees won a Super Bowl ring and it showed early in the game tonight. With only 3 points in the first half, the Saints struggled to make offensive gains.

Entering the third quarter, the Texans led by 4 points, but this lead would soon dwindle down as the battle of the quarterbacks mimicked a pro ping pong match. Texan QB Deshaun Watson came back momentarily with two passes on his last drive. Bree’s fired back by making his way into field goal range, and that is when place kicker Wil Lutz proved his worth.

Lutz, 22 previously had a 57 foot high on field goal kicking and had to aim for 58 feet tonight. With just two seconds left on the clock, Lutz was able to execute; a new career high. He had a 93.3% field goal rate in his 2018 regular season, and has been a Saint since his premiere in the NFL in 2016. Lutz was given a five-year contract extension earlier in March of this year. Saints win 30-28.

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