Will Dallas Amend Daks Deal After Show Out?

Sunday football is just heating up around the 4 o’clock hour. The New York Giants faced the Cowboys at AT&T stadium in Arlington, and it was a spectacle. The first few plays between the rivals were a back and forth effort with one touch down a piece in the first quarter.

Saquon Barkley, 22 out of Penn State had 120 total yards for the New York while wide receiver Michael Gallup had 158 yards for Dallas. The offense statistically speaking were neck and neck, but Daks overall passing plays remained dominant over 16 year veteran Eli Manning.

Prescott was on pace to break his 455 yard high by the first half but still broke records in Arlington. He went on to pass for 405 yards with 4 touchdowns and 0 sacks.

On the other side, Manning played well but did not have the same type of reception from his offense. He passed for 305 yards with 1 touchdown and 1 sack. By the fourth quarter, it was time to bring out the backup QBs and rookie Daniel Jones made his first NFL appearance for the Giants. Unfortunately his 2 minutes on the field would result in a fumble.

The final score was 17-35 Dallas, and Cowboys fans have Prescott’s efforts to thank. Still, his performance may have been heightened amid contract negotiations for his position. After RB Elliot’s $90 million contract was written up, many players on the Cowboys and all over the league feel the right to have their contracts negotiated as well.

The Cowboys face the Washington Redskins next Sunday September 15, 2019, but will star QB Dak Prescotts’ deal be amended in time?

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