Back to Back Wins for Leclerc

Charles Leclerc wins his second Grand Prix ever at Ferrari’s home race at Monza. This comes just one week after his first career win at Spa in Belgian. Leclerc, 21, is the third youngest driver in Formula 1 history to ever take 1st place, and he was able to do so at consecutive races.

From the beginning of the race it was a cat and mouse chase between Leclerc and Hamilton until the 43rd lap when Hamilton locked up at turn one and forced himself into an error. There were plenty of opportunities for Hamilton to overtake Leclerc, but the experienced driver expressed his concerns time and time again on the team radio. “He’s quicker then us.” “He’s super fast on the straights.” “It’s hard to keep up with him,” said Hamilton as he remained in second place within striking distance.

Ferrari teammate, Sebastian Vettel got into trouble of his own as he was penalized 10 seconds for returning to the track in an unsafe manner. His lockup caused a collision with Lance Stroll who was subsequently penalized 5 seconds for the same error.

This race was more tension filled then previous races with the youngster Leclerc leading the majority of the circuits. With collisions, penalties and three drivers retiring, Monza had it all. Among those who did not finish were Carlos Sainz, who looked like he was having a great run until he came into the pits for a tire change. His crew would be his downfall as the right front tire was not properly installed, thus causing his disqualification.

The Renault team had one of their best team finishes yet with Riccardo and Hulkenberg who finished in 4th and 5th place, for a combined team total of 22 points at Monza. Another driving with a surprising finish is none other than Maxx Verstappen, who would finish 8th after starting from 19th place.

Driver Standings are as follows:

  • Hamilton 284 points
  • Bottas 221 points
  • Verstappen 185 points
  • Leclerc 182 points
  • Vettel 169 points

With only 7 races left on the Formula 1 calendar, the race between 3rd place is only separated by 3 points. If Leclerc continues this hot streak, he is a strong contender to take 3rd place in the drivers championship.

In just two weeks we will experience the battle between drivers at the Marina Bay Circuit in Singapore on Sunday September 22, 2019.

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