The Preseason Extends into Week 1

Week 1 in the NFL this year looked like a continuation of preseason. Sloppy. The Green Bay Packers and Chicago bears combined for 20 penalties and 10 sacks. Aaron Rogers looked like an inexperienced version of himself even while showing off his flick passes.

Matt LeFleur’s first year coaching the Packers in their regular season was nothing short of average. He made sure to use his challenge card before the whistle blew. With Rogers getting sacked five times, it’s hard to tell whether the two were in sync, or if the QB was calling audibles every other play.

Still, there is much to say on the Bears side as well. Mitchell Trubisky, Green Bay’s QB was less than spectacular. He showed early difficulty in converting 3rd downs and even threw a pick to his former teammate Tramon Williams. Williams told reporters that he knew Green Bay would win with Trubisky running point. Although the QB showed promise in the fourth quarter and had more overall passing years then his opposer Rogers, he could not make plays through the goal line.

Yes, the preseason is over, but will other NFL teams who play on Sunday show the same level of inexperience?

Games to watch this Sunday September 9, 2019:

-Chiefs VS Jaguars 1PM

-Giants VS Cowboys 4:25PM

-Steelers VS Patriots 8:20PM

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