Brown VS Mayock: The Power of Pride

Photo by Christian Peterson/Getty Images

The power shift between players, coaches and managers has been tested on multiple NFL fronts over the past week. Since Colin Kaepernicks’ cultural revolution, players gained confidence to express their beliefs no matter the consequence.

Although Raiders head coach Tom Gruden and general manager Mike Mayock may not have years together supporting the men in Oakland , it seems as though their acquisition of controversial player Antonio Brown has only made their efforts more challenging. 

Browns’ chances dwindled the moment he stuck his feet in freezing ice overseas, but fans saw the player rehabilitate and were hopeful again. Then AB had difficulty choosing a helmet that was approved by the NFL, but he chose one that was guideline fitting and Raiders Nation rejoiced. But this past week, the players behavior went down to the coasters lowest point by publicly blasting his GM Mayock on social media.

There are situations where acts of courage are noble and other times when self respect remains most valuable. This is one situation AB cannot question. As a player in the NFL on the Raiders squad, his presence is required. And by tuning into HBO’s “Hardknock” series, it was apparent AB would show up to practice when he pleased. This behavior not only reflects poorly on younger players and rookies, but also causes a disconnect between players and coaches. 

Now, top paid wide receiver Antonio Brown faces suspension for his reckless online activity. This will directly affect his cash flow, as a suspension will cause a contract violation thus reversing his guaranteed amount of $30 million. Raiders fans ride this rollercoaster with AB since the start of his employment in Oakland, hoping for change. 

With Brown missing the Raiders game week 1, fans around the world question whether the dynamic running back will ever play for the Raiders.

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